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Designing Logic Tiles

This mini-game was directly inspired by one of the puzzles in another Total Eclipse game, The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World. In that game, the player entered a Steampunk submarine and had to solve a puzzle in order to activate … Continue reading

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The Story Behind Storytelling – Part 1

The Clockwork Story: Genesis The modern day has seen some dramatic changes in the field of writing. Less than a hundred years ago, a reader could expect a novel with paragraphs that went on for a page and exposition that … Continue reading

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The Clockwork Man – Steampunk goes Casual!

This article was originally posted at on Aug. 30th, 2010. We have since updated some of the images and text. The birth of The Clockwork Man World Think London, England, turn of the 19th century. You are walking down … Continue reading

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